The Warm Color Of Fall

Temperatures are beginning to drop and fun holiday festivities are nearing. Our skeletons and pumpkins are no longer in our front yards, and heavier jackets are making their way out of storage. We’re beginning to anticipate our turkey dinners as leafless trees begin to illuminate with twinkling lights and we know that November has arrived and winter is on its way. While the air is becoming frigid, we need to get cozy in front of the fire with the warm colors of the month’s birthstone, citrine.

November Birthstone:  CITRINE

Often called the “Merchant Stone”, citrine is said to bring great wealth; it is a very powerful stone, believed to promote positivity, optimism, and energy. The stone pushes out the negativity from your mind and helps promote bravery and soothe anxiety. Because of its bright color, the stone is associated with happiness, joy, and luck. In addition to the above qualities, the stone brings generosity and kindness.


  • Citrine comes in a variety of yellow and orange but actually has nearly the exact chemical makeup of an amethyst, which is a deep purple stone.
  • Citrine is both affordable and durable, which makes it perfect for unique jewelry that can stand the test of time and daily wear. 
  • The word citrine comes from the french word “citron” for lemon. 
  • In addition to being the November birthstone, citrine doubles as the anniversary stone for 13 years of marriage. 
  • Citrine often gets confused with Yellow Topaz. 
    • The difference between yellow topaz and citrine is that citrine is a type of quartz which can typically be less valuable than the topaz

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