A Midwestern Holiday With The Sweetest Beginning

Everyone knows what Valentine’s Day is but what exactly is Sweetest Day and what makes it different?

Sweetest Day is unique to the Midwest. It began in Ohio in 1921, when candy company employee, Herbert Birch Kingston, distributed sweets to orphans and those less fortunate around Cleveland. A year later, the holiday was established. Nearby candy confectioners formed a committee to plan the first official Sweetest Day, with a little help from movie stars, making it a rare holiday with no ties to religion. While it has made its way to upstate New York, the holiday is typically only celebrated in 11 or so states in the midwest.

It’s about focusing on everyone in your life to make them feel loved, not necessarily just your romantic partner. However, Sweetest Day is another excuse to remind the one you love just how much they mean to you, and everyone knows the best way to do so is with jewelry. 

Surprise your significant other this Sweetest Day and let US help you!


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