Sparkle & Shine for April

Spring has finally sprung. Flowers are starting to grow, and snow is hopefully in our past. However, if you live here in Michigan, who knows?! Soon we’ll be gathering with our families for Passover and Easter, where we’ll watch the children hunt for Easter eggs and win some gelt for finding the afikomen. The best part about the transition into spring is that the ice cream shops open up for everyone to start enjoying. The sprinkles come in a variety of colors, just like you can find diamonds in every shade of the rainbow. Most commonly, you will find a diamond to be bright, white, and shiny.

April Birthstone:


 The history of the diamond dates back to the beginning of the universe, a phenomenon we know as The Big Bang Theory. This is when the heat and pressure below the Earth’s surface bonded carbon atoms (the single element diamonds are composed of) and created the beautiful diamond we all know and love today. The ancient Greeks believed that these precious stones were tears cried by the Gods or from falling stars, while the ancient Romans believed that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds (perhaps the earliest association between diamonds and romantic love). However, diamonds form about 100 miles below the ground and have been carried to the Earth’s surface by deep volcanic eruptions. The only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond, and they are the hardest natural substance known to man. The strength and power derived from the diamond and its creation symbolizes the strength and power we need in the month of April.

Fun Facts:

  • The tradition of wearing an engagement ring on the fourth finger on the left hand, originated in Egypt, when it was believed a person’s “vein of love” ran directly from the heart down to that finger.
  • The first diamond given as an engagement ring dates back to 1477, when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria fell madly in love with Mary of Burgundy and gifted her with a gold ring, an exquisite “M” formed out of diamonds.
    • Do you think the “M” was for himself, Maximilian or for her, Mary?
  • The word “Carat” is thought to be derived from the Carob Bean – an ancient unit of weight. The weight is so uniform and consistent that it was used as a counter weigh when balances were used to weigh an item.
  • Scientists have recently discovered a star that is essentially a diamond of ten billion trillion trillion carats. They named the star Lucy after the Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

March, We’re Ready For You

Phew, this winter has been rough! Having more snow and ice days than ever before,  these winter days have been brutal. Raise your hand up high if you slipped, or almost slipped? 🙋 Let’s be thankful we are exiting winter and heading into the next season of spring. We are hoping the flowers will begin to bloom, and our days will finally lighten up with sunshine again. Saint Patrick’s Day brings celebrations,  leprechauns, searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and indulging in delicious shamrock shakes, and green beer (if you’re of age of course!). As we approach the second Sunday in March, we dread losing an hour, but we gain more daylight and longer days of fun. “Springing forward” is a reminder to check your clocks and watches for working batteries, and make sure you’re not going to be late! Looking ahead at spring break vacations and warm weather plans, the blue in the sky reminds us of March’s birthstone, aquamarine, the real beauty this spring season.

March Birthstone:


The blue of the ocean calms us as we watch the waves crash onto the shore. This calming sensation is replicated by aquamarine as it is believed to relax the senses, and for this reason is often used in meditation. It is one of the most beautiful and versatile gemstones on the market. Aquamarine is a semi-precious gemstone and is a member of the beryl family, which includes emerald and morganite. It is rated a 7.8 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning that it is considered a hard stone, yet soft enough to accommodate a wide variety of gemstone cutting styles and shapes. Wearing this special stone is believed to increase courage, happiness, intelligence, wisdom, and youthfulness.

March 11th would have been Natalie Weinberger’s 89th birthday. Natalie was the wife of our founder, Emery, and was instrumental in the success of our business. To celebrate her life… read our latest email to find out how we will celebrate her!

Fun Facts:

-Believed to be a precious treasure from mermaids, sailors have worn aquamarine amulets to keep them safe at sea, ward off seasickness, and protect them from Satan.

-Aquamarine gemstones are graded using the same system as diamonds – the 4 C’s: Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity

~Cut: The shape of the stone

~Color: The color of the stone, best being D, meaning colorless

~Carat: The weight of the stone

~Clarity: This refers to the absence of blemishes and inclusions

– Aquamarine was believed to both soothe and prolong relationships, and for this reason is often given as an anniversary gift way before its official listing for the 19th wedding anniversary. 

– Aquamarine was also once thought to render soldiers invincible, and was thus carried into battle as a stone of protection. This ‘protection in battle’ legend has been reinterpreted by some in the modern age as a form of protection during legal battles.