Our 30+ Year Story Begins with Emery.
Emery came to America in 1947 after the war. Following a short stay in New York, he moved to Michigan to live with his Uncle. He started working for Harry Greenberg Jewelers until he opened his first store, Sims Antiques, on Hamilton, in Highland Park. He had many wholesale repair accounts, but he had an open door and everyone was welcome. He was so well liked that, in 1967, during “The Big Riots,” the neighbors made sure the store did not get looted. That same year, he moved to the Metropolitan Building in Detroit, as Emery’s Manufacturing, where he made the switch to fine jewelry. He would bring his son Rob Weinberger, who was nine years old, to work with him every Saturday, and any other chance he got. In 1969, he moved to Southfield on Greenfield & 9 Mile, into an office building. He stayed there until 1974, when Emery and his wife Natalie opened Emery’s Creative Jewelers at the Charter House in Southfield. Luckily, he and Rob had a great imagination – an amazing vision for what could be – along with a lot of courage, which would bring us to Hunter’s Square in 1984.  Rob’s sister, Terri Herman, graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Fine Arts from Arizona State University, and came home to work in the store. Rob continued working at the store after he graduated high school – taking design and gemology courses. All too soon, Emery passed away in July of 1993. Natalie retired in 2008, but always continued to be an influential part of the business until her passing in January of 2016. May their memory be for a blessing. Rob’s daughter, Ali Weinberger, has worked at the store since about age nine – following in her father’s footsteps. She graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology in December of 2012, and is employed full time at the store. Rob’s wife, Debe Weinberger, and Terri’s husband, Howard Herman, also work at the store. Although many things have changed in 30 years, one thing still remains – the integrity and love for people that Emery passed on to his children. Everyone is always welcome. 
Photographed above: Terri Herman and Rob Weinberger, Emery and Natalie’s children, and the current owners of Emery’s Creative Jewelers.