Local Artists


Alisa creates jewelry pieces for women with distinctive tastes. Born and raised in Michigan, Alisa has a Human Resources degree with a specialization in Training and Development. Alisa started her career in design by developingand implementing “Dress for Success” courses for women in the corporate world. Using a variety of textured metals and semi-precious beads along with interesting, eye-catching designs, there’s an Alisa L.C. Design piece that fits your unique personality.

Adina has been designing and making jewelry for as long as she can remember. It started out as a fun hobby and then, approximately 17 years ago, it started to take off! Adina would wear her pieces and people would always ask where she had purchased them.

She knew she was on to something… and began making necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Then about eight years ago, she made a fun “Buddha Bracelet.” Little did she know, that that would become a hit and her signature piece! From that moment on… Adina has designed and made FUN, CHIC, and  STYLISH beaded bracelets!! Each one is made with love!


Bilijana’s sense of design and classic style is beautifully conveyed in her line of designer jewelry. She has combined talents from her well rounded background, which includes a BSME from University of Michigan, a Masters in Engineering Management, a career in engineering and management and a life long interest in creative arts, to drive the success of her jewelry line. Founded in 2007, Biba Design LLC introduced a line of jewelry inspired by timeless classics. 

Biba Design’s original pieces are created from classic 
materials; silver, pearls and an endless variety of semi-precious gemstones. Known for high quality workmanship, and exclusive one of a kind designs, the jewelry is made using a classic pearl stringing technique, creating  a fluid esthetic.

Created by local artist, Jodi, her designs are very original. She specializes in creating and personalizing especially for you. Jodi started making necklaces in March 2013 and is now also doing bookmarks, keychains, bracelets, family notes, and more!

Amy specializes in hand painted, personalized gifts for all ages! From piggy banks, and jewelry boxes, to step stools, rocking chairs, and bookends, these are a few of the many items available. Artworks by Amy LLC allows customers to design one-of-a-kind, creative, and custom painted items.

Judy owns and operates LoveJudy Designs, a fun, little jewelry company. She creates pieces using a variety of materials including Swarovski crystals, beads of all kinds, pearls, stones, various metals, wire, yarns and threads. No matter the material, each piece is made with gratitude. Inspiration can come from anything from an interesting bead to people, places, events, to words and quotes or lyrics of a song. Robert Frost said in his poem, The Mountain, “All the fun’s in the way you say a thing.” To borrow from Mr. Frost, Judy says “All the fun’s in the way you make a thing” is a description of the LoveJudy Designs approach.


Jonathan is a local Michigan artist who creates European-style and slimline pens as well as letter openers using various standard and premium woods. 

Jonathan can create custom key chains from exotic materials like elk antler and other resources. All of his items are hand crafted to a very fine finish with precision and excellence. Emery’s offers engraving on Jonathan’s pieces for a personal touch.