Hello, May!

Dear May,

We have been patiently, but eagerly awaiting your arrival; April wasn’t as good to us as it normally is. We’re excited for the warmth, the sun, the flowers and a sneak peak into summer. Of course we can’t forget that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and Memorial Day isn’t too far away.

May has so much to offer: breaking out the sandals and tank tops, the beginning of street fairs and that beautifully colored emerald.

Emeralds are made from beryl, which is the same material found in aquamarine. However, they get their rich green color from chromium and vanadium. The first known emeralds date back to around 1500 BC in Egypt. They were also discovered in South America in the 16th century, but they weren’t discovered in North America until as late as 1997! Because of their lower density, a 1 carat emerald appears smaller than a 1 carat diamond, but they are also not as durable.
-Colombia has the largest amount of emeralds in the world, yielding more than 50% of emerald production worldwide.
-According to folklore, placing an emerald underneath your tongue was said to help you see into the future.
-An emerald necklace that belonged to Audrey Hepburn sold for $6.5 million, breaking down to just about $280,000 per carat!

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    1. We appreciate your business and are more than happy to help! Hope to see you soon.

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