April Showers

April is finally here and we are one step closer to warmer weather, believe it or not! This month means May is in sight, flowers are in bloom, and graduations are nearing. Spring is in the air and of course,  seasonal ice cream shops are opening their doors. We’ve made it through the winter months, and there’s only a little ways to go until we break out the flip flops. April means a lot of things, but one thing we can’t forget is that diamond birthstone.
Natural Diamonds are made from one single element, that underneath the Earth’s surface is formed into the beautiful crystalline structure we adore. The name comes from the Greek term “adamas” or in other words, “indestructible”; they are known to be the hardest substance in nature, and can only be scratched by other diamonds. So all of you born in April, you have just another excuse to want more of these shiny rocks.
– Diamonds are a billion years old and in some cases can be up to 3 billion years old.
-Ancient Hindus used to put diamonds in place of eyes of the statues they worshipped as it protected them from danger. 
-Diamonds form 100 miles below the Earth’s surface and are brought above by volcanic eruptions. 
-There is evidence of trading diamonds dating back to India in the fourth century BC.


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