Love is In The Air

February is here and Valentine’s Day is upon us. Love is in the air and heart shaped candy is filling the shelves. It’s a time to remind the ones we love just how much they mean to us, and tell those special people in our lives those three little words. Just like the loving atmosphere of February, the birthstone, amethyst, has been said to symbolize love, happiness and sincerity.


Amethyst is associated with many qualities, including: spirituality, sobriety, security, wisdom, courage, inner-peace, and stability. The gem is said to sharpen the mind and sight, to help keep bad thoughts away. Many different religions and cultures believed amethyst to possess different powers. Greeks, for example, wore amethyst to protect them from getting drunk. Meanwhile, those who spoke Hebrew translated the word to mean “dreams” and wore it to help create vivid and positive ones.
– Leonardo da Vinci used to give amethyst to his business partners as he believed it helped them make honest decisions and help them to think on their toes.
-A famous amethyst, known as the “Delhi Sapphire”, is said to be cursed because it was stolen from an Indian temple in 1855. 
Today, you can visit the stone at The Natural History Museum in London, England. 
-Amethyst was once revered as the “Jewel of Gods”.

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