Who’s Michal Golan And Why Do We Love Her?

Michal Golan is the Israeli-born designer, printer and ceramist who’s company bears her first name. Her inspiration is drawn from Middle Eastern art, mosaics and her Israeli heritage. The pieces are notable for their attention to details, distinctive designs and ornate, colored arrangements of gemstones and crystals.

She was born in Haifa, Israel and moved to the U.S. in 1976, where she would later study graphic art at the University of Maryland, as well as studio art at New York University.

Being an artist living in NYC, all of the jewelry is handcrafted in a studio in Hell’s Kitchen. Buying one of her pieces is supporting the rich tradition of American made arts & crafts, and purchasing handmade and ethically made items. Her pieces are spiritual and one-of-a-kind. Hamsas, crosses, evil eyes and more, for people who like to wear their faith in style. In addition to jewelry she also has a selection of mezuzahs and other Judaica.

 “I draw inspiration from Middle Eastern          mosaics, Victorian jewelry, and Byzantine art. I am an avid museum/gallery visitor, so I am   constantly finding inspiration in the art world.”

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