Top 10 Days For Proposals

Waiting for that special someone to pop the question? For some of us, it’s always in the back of our minds: “When’s it going to happen?”, “How’s it going to happen?”, “WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR?!”; it’s just a never ending cycle. Or maybe that someone is the type that is always trying to keep you on your toes, so their plan is to completely blindside you and pray that they get a “yes” in return. Little do they know, it’s eating you alive and you want to scream in their face to just do it already!

For those of you who have been staying up all night pondering, fantasizing and playing out every scenario in your head, we’ve come to your rescue. We put together a little list to lend you some clues on when maybe, JUST maybe, you’ll be getting your long awaited ring.


Nevermind Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day is the real day of love. Being one of the more celebratory times of year, our guess is that the bringing together of family is a great excuse to ask someone to marry you. Everyone’s already in town to celebrate, so of course, you have the convenience factor. Plus, who can complain about a diamond ring from Santa?


A pretty close second, Valentine’s Day is the runner up. There’s nothing like a candlelit dinner for two, and a bottle of wine to set the mood for a proposal.

Who doesn’t love the romance of cuddling up by the fire with hot chocolate, a holiday movie and the crackling of firewood. Christmas Eve is joyous yet the calm before the storm; maybe it’s the only chance you two love birds can get a second away from  the family.


Happy New Year, here’s to a new fiancé! It’s a brand new year and a brand new you, so why not start the year with the person you love most, and solidify your love. For that reason alone, New Year’s Day has found its spot on the list.


Everyone knows you’re supposed to smooch your loved ones at midnight, so instead, maybe getting down on one knee is an upgrade? Stay on your toes, this might be your moment!


This is for the ones who are trying to catch you off guard with that question. You’ll be expecting it the day of, but how many of you would assume they would propose the day before?


Don’t worry, we know we’re getting repetitive—this is a popular one for the same convenience factor that your whole family is already together.

Easy. Peasy. Proposal.


We think this one is just for those who were impatient and couldn’t wait to propose. With all the lights and festivities, December just has a romantic air about it: A perfect atmosphere for engagements.


See number 7—Don’t worry we’re almost done.


Here’s a crowd shocker, our proposal list outlier. Fireworks are flying and so are the sparks, so why not pop the question? Enjoy your family BBQ and maybe you’ll end the night with something shiny on your hand. Happy Birthday America and Happy Engagement to you!

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