Two Stones Are Better Than One

What could possibly be better than October? Sweater weather is upon us, and the leaves are beginning to expose their fall tones. Temperatures are falling and the Halloween countdown lessens as the 31st nears. While pumpkin patches flourish, apples are being pressed into sweet, sweet cider and the donuts are filling the aroma of the autumn air. There’s nothing quite like October, and to make it even better, it’s a month with not only one birthstone, but two!



Opal is a stone of inspiration which helps enhance creativity and imagination. Opal is said to help one deal with big decisions and changes. The stone is also helpful in increasing knowledge and memory, as well as a strong sense of self. The strong colors of the opal can protect from dark times and provide strength to persevere.

Pink Tourmaline is infused with love and spirituality, encouraging compassion and empathy. The pink tourmaline is said to bring joy and happiness to the one’s life. The stone helps to relieve stress, increase productivity, and calm worries. Pink tourmaline is believed to cleanse the body of negativity, and use its electrical current to radiate and heal.



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