Red Hot July


July is the month of fireworks, smiles, and fun.

There’s many adventures to be had before summer is done.

Ruby is July’s birthstone, and its bright red color is so full of love and passion,

Its beautiful color has the power to compliment anyone’s fashion!

The word ruby comes from the Latin word “rubens”, meaning red. Rubies are extremely strong and register just under diamond on the Mohs’ scale. Because of their toughness, rubies have represented strength and endurance throughout history. Along with this and their red hue, rubies often symbolize strong feelings of love and affection.
– Rubies are classified as part of the corundum family. Red corundums are considered rubies while all other colored corundums are identified as sapphires. 
–  Rubies color determines their worth. The most valuable color a ruby can be is “pigeon blood”.
–  In May of 2015, the most expensive Ruby in the world, “The Sunrise Ruby” sold for a little more than 30 million dollars. 

-98% of rubies originate from Thailand

-Rubies are said to help you recharge your energy when you’re feeling low!

-July got its name from the Roman Senate in 46 B.C in order to honor Julius Caesar.

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